Lumen Video Production

We are picture professionals and video content creators: the key to our work is to manage, measure and dose light to intercept the sensitivity of the eye of the beholder.
Lumens are the unit of the visible luminous flux.

Creating memorable images, able to resonate on the same wavelength of the observer, is not the result of a simple passion.
Technique, research, competence and constancy: behind each of our jobs there is preparation and study of every single detail.


We constantly invest in the latest technology to get the best picture. We prefer to work with our own equipment without resorting to rentals. In this way we can keep under control the production costs, the reliability of the instruments and we don’t have to worry about time or availability constraints.
Cine Lenses, Dolly, Jib, Lighting, Steadycam, Follow Focus, Gimbal, Minivan and more.

Panther Twister dolly
Canon c200 e Canon Cn-e
Volkswagen Multivan t6

Color correction & color grading

Since 2014 we have been working with a 4K capable RAW workflow. Our workstations manage this format in real time, without the need of using transcoding or proxy files, thus enabling a fast and smooth post production.
Thanks to the Tangent Element grading panel, X-Rite Color Checker and DaVinci Resolve Studio, we can control and manage colors at every stage of processing.

Tangent Elements
x-Rite Colorchecker

Ergonomics also means efficiency

We design and personalize most of our equipment because increasing the ergonomics and taking care of every single detail results in better performance.
Working comfortably, with ergonomic equipment, allows us to stay focused on your pictures and stories.

Follow focus Chrosziel Magnum
Tailor-made bags
Minivan equipment

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